About Us

“Fox Air cares about what matters to you”

Our Mission Statement: Fox Air provides connection and support to our communities around Bethel.

Alaska is known for its beauty, its glorious glaciers, and its majestic mountains. But there is also beauty when we see the fireweed in the fall a blazing red or when we observe the wildlife (bears, moose, muskox, caribou…) grace us in their natural habitat. Moreover, Alaska is the people. Currently, there are a little over 100 native villages across the state. Many of these villages are landlocked which is why Fox Air provides an air charter service to serve Bethel and the surrounding communities of the YK Delta Region. Specifically, Fox Air provides flights for our school districts, our hospital, construction companies, government officials, families and more. Our communities are important to us!

Your Pilots

Fox Air has some of the most experienced pilots flying in bush Alaska. They have flown all over the state in even the remotest villages for over 20 years and have accumulated over 18,000 hours of flight time. Our pilots are committed to helping their community in and around Bethel by providing a reliable charter service that is flexible to people’s needs. 

Steve Fox

In 1993, Steve Fox graduated from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI, with a Bachelor in Aviation Technology and acquired his A&P license and also his IA certificate. Currently, he has logged over 18,000 hours of flight time! After flying five years in Fairbanks, Alaska, from 1998 to 2003, for Larry’s Flying Service, Steve hired on with Hageland Aviation. Three years later, he returned to Fairbanks working for Everts Air Cargo but soon transitioned back to what is now called Ravn Air. During this time, Steve started his own small maintenance company Fox Aircraft LLC which eventually became Fox Air charter services. As President of Fox Aircraft LLC, Steve also acts as Director of Maintenance and as Captain. When he’s not flying, Steve loves working on his planes at his hangar in Wasilla!

Our Planes

Cessna 182

Piper Saratoga SP

Cessna 207

Fly with us and see the "Real Alaska"!