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"What is Flightseeing?"


Flight seeing is, by its most basic  definition. sightseeing from either  a helicopter or by way of plane.  Due to much of Alaska being inaccessible by foot, Flight seeing is a very popular activity to both tourists and local residents who wish to see the beauty of Alaska from a birds eye view.  Aviation is a part of daily life for many Alaskans,  who live in rural areas that can only be reached by charter. and for this reason, flight seeing is an activity that is deeply embedded in the culture of Americas largest state.  The types of flight seeing packages available vary depending on the experience of those you fly with, some involve landing, some simply enjoying the sights from the sky.


Fox Air offers a variety of flight tours to suit any level of adventure seeking.  Our pilot is a 15 year veteran commercial airline pilot who is also a licensed flight instructor and aircraft mechanic in the State of Alaska.    He's also certified part 135.  Take a moment to enjoy some of the beautiful  scenery Alaska has to offer. Truly a masterpiece of nature that simply MUST be experienced from the sky.

The Pilot:


Steve Fox:


15 Year Alaska Flight Veteran.


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The Plane:


The Cessna 182 is flown by a single pilot allowing comfortable seating for up to 3 passengers. It is one of best general aviation aircraft ever built and provides a comfortable flight seeing experience.


For More Info on the Cessna 182, please click here.




Day Pack


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