Alaska Bear Viewing Tour

beartourYour Alaska bear viewing adventure begins along the west side of the Cook Inlet. The one hour flight itself will be a highlight of your trip; this scenic route takes you by 3 active volcanoes, numerous salmon streams, glaciers, and other Alaskan sights. Upon arrival, the plane will land on the beach near a stretch of prairie grassland beach front. We’ll begin by watching bears as they frolic in the grass with their cubs, dig for clams, and take afternoon naps. Silver Salmon Creek is becoming well known as the best bear viewing in Alaska, and for good reason. This area is home mostly to brown bears, but it is not uncommon to see a few black bears in the area as well. Most of the bears have been habituated to groups of people and have learned to TOLERATE our presence.

It is important to remember they are wild animals and the cardinal rule is to NOT interrupt their activities.  Alaska Bears are intelligent animals, and are often as curious about us as we are of them. We will position ourselves out in the open, visible to the bears, but we won’t approach them. They often approach us and if this happens, we hold our ground, since it is important that bears don’t learn to make people move.
Up to two Passengers