The company was established in 2012 when Steve Fox applied for the single pilot 135 certificate from his 2009 small aircraft maintenance company, Fox Aircraft LLC.

After 3 years in the FAA que, Fox Aircraft LLC eventually received its single pilot 135 air carrier’s certification.

From 2012 to 2018, Fox Aircraft operated a Cessna 182A for guided  flight seeing, bear viewing, and hunting drop offs in South Central and the Seward Peninsula of Alaska.

Due to medical reasons and the passing of Sophie Fox, Fox Aircraft did not operate in 2019.

However, in 2020, Fox Aircraft (DBA: Fox Air) became a full time charter business after Ravn Air and Hageland Aviation filed chapter 13 bankruptcy. As an employee for Ravn for 14 years, Steve Fox decided to transform Fox Air into a multi-pilot part 135 air carrier and bring Dave Bartlett on as a partner which is required by the FAA for management personnel. While Steve would serve as Director of Maintenance and President of Fox Air, Dave, who also flew for Ravn, would become the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot.

Working seamlessly to generate the required documentations for the FAA, Fox Aircraft LLC finally met all the requirements and was issued a multi-pilot operation’s spec in July of 2020. Until that time, only Steve Fox was able to pilot under the single pilot certificate.

Today, Fox Air’s fleet includes three Cessna 207s, a Piper PA32R, and a PA31-350 Navajo, serving Bethel and the surrounding villages of the YK Delta Region and South Central Alaska.